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Need any help? You should be able to find the information and support you're looking for here. No problem if not, you can always just email us or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up to TalentZ?
    You can download the TalentZ App from either the App Store or Google Play, depending on the device you use. Once downloaded, you will be guided to the sign up page.
  • How do I book Talent for my event?
    To book Talent for your event, you will need to sign up on the App as a Booker. Once you have signed up, you can browse the Talent who are listed on the App. Once you have found the right person for your event, you can then visit their page and click on the "Book Now" button found at the bottom of thier page. The "Book Now" button will take you to an "Event Form" where you will input details about the event you are hosting and the offer you would like to make. Once you have filled in the event and offer information, you will then need to click on the "Submit Offer" button. This will then submit your offer to the chosen Talent. The Talent can then review the event and offer information you have submitted. You will be notified if the Talent accept or reject your offer. When an offer gets accepted by the Talent, both you and the Talent will need to sign the Agreement to confirm the Booking.
  • Can I negotiate with the Talent?
    Yes, you can make any Talent (including celebrities, speakers, musicians) an offer through the App. Some Talent will require a minimum offer amount in order for your offer to be submitted.
  • How do I communicate with the Talent once I have made a Booking?
    Once your offer has been accepted by the Talent, you will then be able to directly message the Talent in the App by clicking on the Message button on found on the Talent's profile page. The TalentZ messenger allows text, images and videos to be sent.
  • What does TalentZ do?
    TalentZ is a Live Entertainment Booking Platform. TalentZ allows event organisers around the world to search and directly book celebrities, musicians, comedians, speakers (Motivation, After-Dinner etc.) and entertainers for their events. TalentZ was created to help put events industry professionals in touch with Talent (or their verified representatives) directly, without any middlemen. This reduces confusion, as well as eliminates unwarranted commission charged by unauthorised "Agents" We allow our users to communicate easily with each other through the messenger and seamlessly create contracts between Booker and Talent.
  • How do I make a Payment on the App?
    TalentZ allows users to choose which payment methods they wish to use. Currenlty the Payment options are: 1. Card (Stripe) Card Payments refers to Payments that are to be made through the TalentZ App. We currently use Stripe to process Payments through TalentZ, this means that you will be abel to seamlessly make Payments directly to Talent's Bank accounts. 2. Cash Cash refers to any Payment made outside of the App. This means that Bookers will be able to choose to pay Talent by whichever means they wish outside of the Platform such as Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Card.

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